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 Quests for EVERYONE (money making)

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PostSubject: Quests for EVERYONE (money making)   Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:00 pm


~3~ HOUSE - this is a very good way to make money if u are on alot and can put a character in mine. Each house is worth a dragonball now or at least 25 m it is hard work but i think for some who don't have money its worth it. Here is house making directions.

How To Build A house

Craftsman, Market (141,107)
Carpenter, Market (168,99)
House Agent, Twin City (400,284)
House Admin, Market (199,87)

1. Find Craftsman and exchange a timber with 5 iron ores (you can dig iron ores from mine cave).
2. Find Carpenter and exchange a Rosewood Voucher with 10 timbers, and exchange a Timber Voucher with 10 Rosewood Vouchers.
3. Find House Agent and exchange a House Permit with 5 timber Vouchers.
4. Find House Admin, give him the House Permit and 300,000 silver, and you will have a house of your own. In the house, you will have an item box. You can deposit 8 items in it and it works like a warehouse. You can furnish your house after you upgrade it to grade two.
Enter Your House:
If you want to go home, just ask House Admin to teleport you home. Your spouse can enter your house whenever he/she likes. And he/she can also take out items from the item box in your house. Your friends cannot enter your house unless you team them up to lead them to your house.

~3.5~ How To Upgrade Your House (UPGRADING HOUSE IS ALSO WORTH A DB)

Stoneman, Market (184,103)
House Agent, Twin City (400,285)
House Admin, Market (199,87)
Furniture NPC, Twin City (409,370)
1. Find Stoneman, exchange a Copper Ore Voucher with 12 Copper Ores, and exchange an Ore Voucher with 10 Copper Ore Vouchers.
2. Find House Agent, and exchange an Upgrade Certificate with 10 Ore Vouchers.
3. Find House Admin, give him the Upgrade Certificate and 500,000 silver, and you can have your house upgraded.
1. After your house is upgraded, you cannot enter it until the server is rebooted. Do not worry about it if you can`t go home.
2.You can furnish your grade two house with up to 2 item boxes and 8 pieces of furniture. Furniture NPC in Twin City is selling the item boxes and all kinds of furniture.

~4~ a met tear for a quick divorce

Milly, Southeastern Maple Forest (804,461)
Minner, Bird Island (707,545)
Joe, northwestern Desert (77,326)

Level Requirement:

Required items:
An Amrita and a Meteor

A Meteor Tear (It is used to level up the equipment and divorce your spouse)

1. Find Milly and help to send a letter to her sister Minner.
2. Take the letter to Minner in Bird Island. Minner wishes you can help to find her lover, Joe. If you would like to help, she will give you a Guardian Star.
3. Find Joe in the desert. He wants an Amrita and a meteor.
Take this Guardian Star, and Meteor to northwestern Desert, click on the NPC named Joe (77,326). As there is no water in the desert, he is very thirsty, Give your Amrita to him. While you are talking to him, he finds that you bring Minner`s Guardian Star with you, he likes Guardian Star very much, give it to him. If you give a Meteor to him, he will give you a Sad Meteor so that you can give it to his sweet lover, Minner.

Take this sad Meteor to Bird Island, click on the NPC named Minner (707,545). After she takes away your Sad Meteor, she`ll give you a Meteor Tear.
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Quests for EVERYONE (money making)
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