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 Quests lvl 30 - 70

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PostSubject: Quests lvl 30 - 70   Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:13 pm

~6~ I put this one up cuz there is a chance of getting an elite item. Probably a small one but still a chance. Smile

Old Man Tang, Maple Forest (779,467)

Level 37 Poisonous Rat and level 42-43 Fire Spirit, in Maple Forest (532,768)

Required item:
A Rat Fang

A purple bag or a Brass Heavy Ring of Refined, Unique or Elite Quality.

1. Pay a visit to Old Man Tang who was hurt badly by the poisonous Rat. He is in urgent need of a Rat Fang to antidote the poison.
2. Move northwestwards and across the bridge, slay Poisonous Rats to get the Rat Fangs. They are among the level 42-43 Fire Spirits, and looks like Fire Spirits but is smaller in size.
3. Take the Rat Fang to Old Man Tang and he will reward you a purple bag or a Brass Heavy Ring. As for what you will gain, that depends on your luck.

~7~ Blue mouse quest just cuz i know people do it sometimes Smile never done it though myself.

1. Old Miner (Near the forest mine cave)
2. General Judd (Twin City)
3. Blue Mouse (forest mine cave)

Level Requirement:
Above lev40


20,000 silver
50,000 silver
1 meteor
2 meteors
5 meteors
6 meteors
9 meteors
10 meteors


1. Find General Judd in Twin City.
2. As General Judd says, go to find Old Miner around the forest mine cave. Use normal Dragon Gem, Phoenix Gem Kylin Gem, or Rainbow Gem in exchange for a Silver Needle, or Use normal Fury Gem, Moon Gem or Violet Gem in exchange for a Gold Needle.
3. Take Silver or Gold Needle to the forest mine cave to catch Blue Mouse, who will give you the lost items of General Judd if you catch him.
4. Return the lost items to General Judd, he will give you big rewards.

~8~ for an elite archer coat! lol i wish id known about these silly quests. but u do need alot of stuff to get it oh well.

Recommended Level:
Around Level 50

Items Required:
2 Normal Fury Gems, 1 Normal Dragon Gem, 5 Euxenite Ores

Joy in Maple Forest (324,187)
Mike in Desert City (486,618)
An Elite Leopard Coat (Level 57)

1. Pay a visit to Joy.
2. Take her letter to Mike in Desert City. Mike is very pleased to help her but he needs some material: 2 Normal Fury Gems, 1 Normal Dragon Gem and 5 Euxenite Ores
3. Get those items ready and Mike will give you a magic bow.
4. Bring this bow back to Joy, she will give you an Elite Leopard Coat as a token of gratitude.
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Quests lvl 30 - 70
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