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 Quests lvl 70 and above

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PostSubject: Quests lvl 70 and above   Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:19 pm

~9~ win a refined moon gem Very Happy

* Mr. Pine in Stone Village of the desert (454,242)
* Richman Zhang in Desert City (520,620)
* Gossiper Wang in Bird Island (744,517)
* Roger in Bird Island (698,595)
* Rachel on the deepest island of Bird Island (209 183)
* William in Phoenix Castle (211,195)
* Tough Wei (66,354) outside Ancient Castle
* Old General (535,533) in Ape Mountain
* Emily outside Ape Mountain
Recommended Level:
Above Lev 70
A refined Moon Gem

Mr. Pine (454,242) in Stone Village of the desert needs a refined Bone Bracelet. If you help him to get one, he will tell you some clues of Moon Gem.

Richman Zhang (520,620) in Desert City has refined Bone Bracelet, and he will exchange it with you for 3 emeralds and 4 gold ores of rate 3 at least.

Give a refined Bone Bracelet to Mr. Pine, and he will recommend you to Gossiper Wang (744,517) in Bird Island for more information.

Gossiper Wang tells you that Roger knows more details. But he is obsessed by a girl and can hardly get sleep. He gives you his sister`s handkerchief that shows where to find the Balsamine, the herb to cure insomnia. Go to Phoenix Castle, kill Lonely Tyrant, the leader of L33 Bandit, and you will get Balsamine. Now, you can follow two different branches to carry out the quest.

Branch 1: Finish the quest

If you lose the handkerchief, Roger will ask you to give the Balsamine to Rachel. Rachel (209,183) lives in the deepest island of the Bird Island, and she will purchase the Balsamine from you at 2000 silvers.

Branch 2: Continue the quest

Give the Balsamine together with the handkerchief to Roger, and he will ask you to obtain a Moon Letter first.

Ghost in the desert may drop Unidentified Letter. However you must ask William (211,195) in Phoenix Castle to distinguish the authenticity of the letter.

If it is a fake letter after detecting, you can sell it to Tough Wei (66,354) outside Ancient Castle for 40,000 silvers. If it turns out to be a Secret Letter, Roger needs Glitter Powder to distinguish the words in the letter.

Where to find Glitter Powder?
Stone Monsters in every mine cave may drop Brilliant Stone. The higher the level of the monster, the more possible that it drops Brilliant Stone. Alchemist in Phoenix Castle is able to grind Brilliant Stone to Glitter Powder at 800 silvers. He will also buy the Brilliant Stone at 2000 silvers if you agree.

Take both Glitter Powder and Secret Letter to William; he will give you a Moon Letter and recommend you to visit Old General (535,533) in Ape Mountain.

Old General gives you an Aid Token and asks you to defeat Emily, the snake monster. Emily appears outside Ape Mountain between 11:00pm and 01:00am. You can find her in one of the following four coordinates: (565,730), (455,460), (54,333), (600,500). She lures you at first, if you resist her temptation, she will send you to her cave, where you should kill hundreds of monsters to hunt for Python and get a Python`s heart.

Finally, take the Python`s heart and Aid Token to Old General, and he will give a Refined Moon Gem in return.

Moon Gem will grant with extra spell experience if you socket it in your equipment.

~10~ Mets mets mets... I have no clue how hard this is ive never done it... perhaps ill have to try all these quests so i can give an expert opinion..


There are 5 floors in the Sky Pass, with level 78, level 88, level 98, level 108 and level 118 monsters guarding each pass for players under level 80, between level 80 and 100, between level 90 and 110, above level 100 and above level 110 respectively to challenge. In every pass, the monsters in the first four floors are almost the same, and may be sent to the next floor without fighting; but the monsters in the fifth floors are stronger and a battle is unavoidable.

* Daniel in Dreamland (155,166)
* God Cloud in Dreamland (82,187)

* Box1: 4 meteors
* Box2: 10 meteors, 4 meteors, 1000 silvers or 10000 silvers.

Level Groups:

Under Level 80;
Lev 80 - Lev 100
Lev 90 - Lev 110
Above Lev 100
Above Lev 110


Talk to NPC Daniel (155,166) in the Sky City, he will introduce the Sky Pass to you and teleport you in. Then you will find 5 monster-like NPCs. Talk to a suitable NPC, he will teleport you directly to the next floor or to the battle stage, where you must fight for a Pass Token and then be sent back and start again. The first four floors work in this way.

In the last floor, you are unavoidably sent to the battle stage. After you obtain a token, the guard will send you directly to claim the prize or back to the fifth floor again.

Finally, find God Cloud (82,187) all the way up. He will give to two choices: box 1 and box 2. There are 4 meteors in box one. While in box 2, you may get 10 meteors, 4 meteors, 1000 silvers or 10000 silvers. It is very important that you must prepare enough space in your inventory, for NPC won`t remind you of it, he will send you out as soon as you claim the prize.

PS: Your position is not recorded in the Sky Pass, if you are disconnected or revived, you will be sent to Ape Mountain.

~11~i havent done this one either but im willing to bet its pretty hard. someone can try it though and see i could be wrong.

Recommended Level:
Above lev70

Green Snake (678 966) in Bird Island

Meteors, dragon balls, refined item, refined gems, or super gems.


Speak to Green Snake (678 966) in Bird Island, and take the challenge to enter the Snake Islands.

The Snake Islands consist of dozens of isles, which are flooded with Tough Snakes and Fire Snakes. You don`t have to kill them. And it is impossible to kill them all, for they spawn quickly and they deliver high damages. Stay away from them, and turn on `Shift Screen` to jump to other isles until you reach the destination (87 67) where Snake King lies.

Kill the Snake King. But be aware of his protectors - Water Snakes. The Snake King drops decent items.

The quest is well rewarded, but you should be well equipped, and take enough potions, and BE VERY CAREFUL AND PATIENT. Don`t forget to turn on Shift Screen to switch your views.

~12~ Like i said before, Moonbox quest is hard and should probably be done at 110 + but if you are 110 + and wanna take the time you can make some good money.

Level Requirements:
Above Lev 70


* Fortuneteller in Wind Plain (340,720)
* Maggie, in the quest map (19,19)
* Guardian God, in the quest map (204,149)
* Ghost, in the quest map (8,67)
* Lonely Ghost, in the quest map

Three meteors or a Moon Box. Use the Moon Box to check out what you will get. it may be meteors, equipments or even socketed items. Moon Box is also a required item in Level 110 promotion.


1. Find Fortuneteller. If you are level 70+ and want to challenge the tactics, he will teleport you to the entrance of Eight-Diagram Tactics.

2. Talk to Maggie at the entrance to know the stories. And she`ll teleport you into one of the eight tactics randomly, but except for Life Tactic. There are Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed, Death and Life Tactic.

3. After you enter a tactic, you do not know which one you have been at. You must kill the monsters in the tactic to get a token. With it, you talk to Guardian God, and he will tell you the name of the tactic you have entered, and the name of the token.

4. Take down the name and ask Ghost to teleport your out of here. After you talk to Maggie again, she will teleport you to another tactic randomly.

5. In this way, you gather the token of Peace, Chaos, Deserted, Prosperous, Disturbed, Calmed (the six tokens).

6. If you happen to be teleported to Death tactic, you will be told by Guardian God and Ghost that you enter Death tactic. If you do not have the six tokens, you cannot leave here until you die (you will lose items if you die, and if you log off, you will re-spawn at the same spot).

7. After you`ve collected all the six tokens, Maggie may teleport you to Death Tactic. Talk to the Ghost. He can make a Soul Jade out of your tokens and teleport you to Life Tactic.

8. Find lonely Ghost in this tactic. If you agree to help him get reborn, he will give you three meteors or a Moon Box. It is up to you. If you refuse to help him, he`ll take away your Soul Jade, teleport you out and give you nothing. Be very careful.
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PostSubject: Re: Quests lvl 70 and above   Sat Dec 01, 2007 10:16 am

these rewards make my weiner twitch, but they also sound pretty difficult. like you said itd be interesting to see other peoples experiences and whatnot with the quests, so if anyone has done one of these quests or if theres a good one not mentioned you should probably speak up Laughing
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Quests lvl 70 and above
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