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 leveling tips

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PostSubject: leveling tips   Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:31 pm

I don't have alot of lvling tips :/

for trojans you get the most exp hitting white names so whatever monster is white name at the time thats what u should kill.

for taos if you are trying to lvl fire tombats in batcave are good place to level. After they go white name go to mystic castle in desert city thats where most taos lvl.

Archers after lvl 70 should go to the spawns in lab 1 where lvling become much easier till 110.

warriors - probably same as trojans use club or wand to kill white name monsters.

if you have a 3-4 m exp pots double exp for an hour.

sockets with rainbow gems in it are most important for lvling. sockets in general are important for lvling. so weapons with sockets are more important than elite uni refined or even super weapons.

plz everyone give more tips ill try to think of more.

the new quest is very good way to gain exp. Very Happy

- kass
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PostSubject: Re: leveling tips   Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:16 pm

Alright folks for the fire taos out there heres what I suggest for lvling.......

After you get fire from fixing cure and thunder go to PC waterfall cave and down to the bottom lvl and blast at tombats until your fire is fixed and your high enough to get tornado (nado)

After you have this spell which get familar with it, its gonna be your long term friend and enemy this bitch is tough to lvl even with smg's (super moon gems)
Go to Guild controller 4 in the guild arena or simply take the long way through mystic castle and start blasting away at red devils near the guild controller 4 entrance stay on the stairs and hit the dumb ones that venture to close but BEWARE these damndable monsters will own your ass if you get hit once until your pretty high lvl so this will also be jumping practice for wasting tros later on if you have a mana bs then your set to go for hours if not use the gc4 entrance to quickly zoom back and forth to TC for pot runs once you have fixed nado (dont let this sound easy you could potentially be at this for weeks) you should be almost lvl 120

Then its off to the mystic caverns (ominous music plays) you will need a health wine each time you enter here red devils drop them or you can buy them in the market for around 300-500k these monsters here are the strongest in the game..... but guess what? they are spell slingers lmao and will not deal more than a couple damage each hit as long as you have full elite or better Very Happy so continue blasting away at these mofo's till they go green, after that spend the time lvling your other spells in tg if you havent already and continue lvling as you please cause everything is green named you wont really get much xp from anything so I would suggest db lvling if you can to speed up the process or doing the dis city quest for xp ball experience

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PostSubject: Re: leveling tips   Thu May 22, 2008 10:33 am

Lord_Foo's Water Tao guide for non-farming Water Taoists.


get plvled, it will just take too long to do it on your own and you'll get bored of CO before you even started to have fun.


This is the time you will need a socket elite or mana BS to fix your skills, especially if you got plvled and haven't fixed thunder and cure yet. You also have a new skill called Meditation. I never mana potted and fixed it easily Smile -btw never HP pot, HP potting Waters are the lowest of scum- .

Level at Tombbats (Right corner of Phoenix City, floor B3) If you wanna make some cash (for that BS for example) you could do Blue Mouse Quest, it's easier for Waters because they have Divine Hare. You could also make an archer and get it to 73 and hunt with that.

You can also try to get plvled. That will be quite easy when you fix stigma. Ask a more experienced player where to get plvl for your lvl if you dont know.
Lvl your skills (except thunder, fire, cure and meditate) at TG, its easy!


I did the Demon Hunter Quest here, because you get less and less exp. from tombbats. If you do it 3 times a day you should be 100 in two weeks Razz Tombbats aren't that bad yet, so you could just stick to them, or just get plvled again, but you'll get less respect from people if you get quasi-farmed.


Try to get an archer friend who can plvl you, or go to Wine Cave (you need a health wine, then go to down left corner of Mystic Cave, best have good magic defense equips here though), or you could stick at tombbats, but that'll take you a lot more time than Wine Cave. You can also go to jail or PK arena if your equips are very good. Potters are practicly unkillable but non-potters are very fun to slowly torture. Especially if you can smear it in their faces they've been pwned by a non-rb Water Tao Very Happy.

You could reborn directly and choose your new class, or you could go on a bit longer. Some people reborn at 111 so they can fix adv. cure first, others go to 115 for more AP. It's up to you, you're no longer a noob, you're a semi-noob now Smile

Hope it helped, I'll update if i come up with some useful tips, and questions/remarks are always welcome too. If you know better ways for stuff tell me Smile.
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PostSubject: Re: leveling tips   

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leveling tips
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