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 Another money guide

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PostSubject: Another money guide   Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:07 pm

this is a guide i stumbled upon one night and i thought it had quite a bit of good information on ways to make money, so i just thought id post it here. yeah some of the stuff is kind of obvious but oh well.

Method #1- Make an archer and get plvled to lvl 70, while getting plvled loot some money because you will need it to buy arrows, when lvl 73, so u can buy the 500 packs of arrows. Go to mini maques and hunt there for a while. Your gona get mets, and lots of them, you can either sell them and buy urself better gears, or you can sell the mets and save the money for something else.

Method #2- If you have some +1's or mets, you should sell them and just stick around in market for a while. Stand by the love stone and just lisen to the noobs spamming. Some noobs will be really desperate to sell their item that they will take 50 percent off. So just trade those noobs and make a small offer, if they say no, tell them dude ur crap is hella cheap, the prices dropped. So the newbies will try selling it for like 10 min and if no one buys he will go with ur price but maybe slightly ask for more.

Method #3- You will need a high lvl archer that can 1 hit everything in AC and AC2. If you have like a lvl 110 archer, go hunt at Thunder Apes. Thunder Apes drop lots of goodies. I found about 3 supers there in 1 week hunting and alot of mets. Sell your stuff and try method #2, making profit.

Method #4- Make a level 130 archer, then make a water tao and plvl them to rb stage so you can gain a db and a super gem.

Method #5- Be lazy and buy Dbs off the site, lol

Method #6- Sort of like method 2. On most servers mets will sell for about 180k or so. Just buy tons of mets for cheap then sell them as met scrolls for a bit more.
Example: Buy 40 mets for 150k each, then sell them as 4 met scrolls for 2kk each.

Method #7- Become a well known pker and pk the crap out of people! I love pking people and then they drop like 2 mets. Usually instead of hunting i'd go and pk 5 people, gain about 5 mets then go sell stuff in market or do some tging(training ground).

Method #8- Do looting in bird island, may be profitable.

Method #9- Lottery of course,lol. This is a new edition to conquer. You can either trade in a db for 215cps or you can buy them(probably about 200k each). You will need 27cps to try your luck every time. Talk to Lady Luck. She will let you choose a box in the Lottery place. Choose one and if you're lucky, you can win things that are worth up to 25DBs!!!(such as a Elite +8 2-sock Earrings!!) But of course, you might be unlucky and win rubbish, but don't worry, you can always try again! You can enter the Lottery 10 times a day.

Method #10- Bounty hunting. This is recommended for people above lvl 100.
Go to Sunfer in Twin City and look at the list of players. Accept an offer and you can hunt them down. If you kill them, you can get up to 1kk! Keep doing this and you'll be rich!(And also full of PKPs)

Method #11-Selling accounts. If you have a high-lvl archer, then this would be easy! Get the archer to plvl your noobs until they get to about lvl 100. Give them some good gear and sell the accounts for 3-10DBs!

Method #12-METEOR SPAMMING: This is very fun and simple! First, hunt for meteors and pile them up. Bring about 10-20 to the Magic Artisan in Twin City.(You can also do this in the Market but there's only a 2% chance of success.) Then, buy a normal earring/necklace/bracelet/boot. Put both the item and the meteor into the slots when you click on the Magic Artisan. Keep doing this until you get a SOCKETED ITEM!!! (OMG, I'm excited talking about it) But of course, there's only a 5% chance of success, so don't be disappointed if you don't get one. The socketed item can sell for up to 2-5DBs!

Method #13-
SQUAMA HUNTER: Make a lvl 54(minimum requirment for divine hare) lvl water tao so you can easily morph into dh and hop from map to map and collect squamas. Get a squama map, lots of guys imported it here so it won't be a prob finding one, put it into ur conquer maps, save it and rock on!
At 8 server time, lock and load your divine hare and jump around maps collecting squamas. Now my tao is 90+ level just becuse divine hare has bigger energy and defence so i dont get 1 hit in bi collecting squamas. You might want to collect atleast 2 scrolls from every city so you could teleport to each city faster instead of jumping.

Method #14- SELLING HOUSE PERMITS: Its simple, make a couple of noobs and go mining, do the quest for getting a house and you'll have a house permit in no time. In many servers house permits sell for a high price, great profit but may take some time.

Method #15- QUESTS: Quests are a great way to earn money and items. An easy quest is collecting 6 Pk tickets and exchanging them over for money. I usually use the gold ores and euxinite ores and exchange them for money in pc. There are tons of quests in conquer and its great for making money and getting good items. The snake king quest is an example, kill the king and he might drop mets, dbs or super gems, etc.

Method #16- GUILD WARS: After winning a guild war, some guild leaders will be nice enough to give a couple of there members free items or cash, make sure you join a powerful guild, plus its great for saving exp if you donate and it can be fun.

Method #17- PKING WAR- Every month i think it is, conquer hosts a pking war in the pk arena, if your powerful enough and smart, the pk war can get you lots of good items. I think the prizes are a db or super gem or something, have fun.

Method #18- Ancient Devil- You are require to be above lvl 70, i recomend above lvl 110. You can win a Db or 5mets for this quest.
Speak to Exorcist and enter the Ancient Island. (Exorcist, Bird Island (715,584) )
Speak to the guard that holds the same profession as you to enter another map to kill the mob and get a certificate. Exchange the certificate for an Amulet.
Collect the five Amulets (Water Amulet, Fire Amulet, Trojan Amulet, Warrior Amulet, Archer Amulet) and then enable the shining yellow switch (218 208) to bring the Ancient Devil out, who is protected by several tough guards.
Kill the Ancient Devil to get a Dragon Ball or 5 Meteors.

Note: Bring along your friends to help kill the devil, 5 high lvled people with guards might take at least 30mins to kill it. So be wise and bring along extremely strong characters, you will need lots of patience.

Method #19- You need a 110+ tro/war
i would use a war cuz personally i like the sm and their way easier to lvl
and sm helps with this. Also they're gear is really cheap

1. Moonbox- Do moonbox i'd reccomend getting a token identifier thing it really helps so u dont get the dif tokens messed up =D. With the moonboxes u can sell for a lot (my server they were 7kk) or u can open all of them. If u dont get anything good use the mets u got on the refs u got i heard its better chance at a soc but idk never tried it xD
2. Metzone- With wars u can keep an sm going and one hit met doves then when u find the special one its only like 3 hits. Just get a mz map and u can see all the spawning points of the special birds so u can get 20-30 mets in like 30 mins..
3. Skypass- Just keep doing skypass u get 4 mets a trip u should be like 100-110. I think just hittin mz is a lot better though.

some of this info. might be old, no longer correct, or something. if thats the case sorry, maybe kass-a-frass could go through and delete the shitty ones if there are some.
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PostSubject: Re: Another money guide   Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:59 pm

hey thanks for adding that stuff...

hehe i didn't read it all im too lazy but it helps alot cuz on the stuff i wrote i probably forgot a bunch of ways or didn't know something and its probably on there xD

all these probablys i have to use cuz im too lazy to read it all What a Face

thanks for the help Very Happy
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Another money guide
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