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PostSubject: NO BEGGING   Sat Dec 22, 2007 8:04 am

this seems like a silly rule to have to impose but it has sadly become a problem in the guild and is turning people away.

NO BEGGING - no begging for plvl no begging for items no begging for money. why would anyone want to be considered annoying to their friends and guildies?

If someone says no once thats the end of it. People who can't work for themselves, lvl themselves, find ways to make money themselves, aren't people that should be in the guild.

Getting help from guildies is awesome! and should always be thoroughly appreciated because it isnt a guild job to make every character the best. its each guildies job to make the guild the best.

So if someone helps u out, gives u money, plvls you, ( i cant believe i have to tell people this) SAY THANK YOU! no one in this guild is rich no one has all these items and time to spare making random people better. When they do it its cuz they are nice and want to help out people even if they don't know them.

So basically, if i catch people begging and being annoying, being arrogant and expecting the guild to provide you with things you've done nothing to deserve,

then you'll GET KICKED.

so stupid i have to make this an offical rule but there it is..... its on forums which means its the law if ppl dont read it on the forums thats not my fault cuz we made a rule you have to join forum in order to read the rules Smile now anyone being jackasses can be kicked becuz I AM GOD (goddess Razz) JK. cat
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PostSubject: Re: NO BEGGING   Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:06 pm

YEAH ! AND NO BEGGING FOR MARRIGE EITHER -.- grr ! people keep asking me to marry them on my femal warr ...its kinda annoying ...-.- lol so whts up hotstuff Razz ??
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