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 How Guild War Works

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PostSubject: How Guild War Works   Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:39 pm

I stole this from HTB site cuz, gosh, i just don't feel like typing all this out and I don't know EVERYthing about it so here is Krygermancer's view on gw.
It's not exactly the clearest explanation so if you have any questions post them on the question thead Razz or here.

im typing up everything u need to know about guild war for those who dont know all about it yet.

When: guild war is held on friday starting at 4pm my time which is central us time until saturday at 10pm my time.

Where: its help in the guild area at the top of the map. there will be an area we call the castle that u need to either break the walls of or have an allie or guildmate being the dl or gl open the gates to get in. inside the gates is a bigger area that leads u too what we call the pole.

What to do: u can hit the gates with any weapon but watch it cause u lose durability by hitting them so always keep an eye on your gear. once inside u can hit the pole if it is held by an enemy, neutral or allie guild. whoever has the pole at the end of guild war wins obviously. u can hit the pole and gates on capture pk or team mode but u can only hit them by holding the control button first otherwise it will ask u if u would like to heal the pole or close the gates. the pole has about 8-10 life bars 4-5 being yellow and 4-5 being red.

What happenes when the pole breaks: when the pole is hit it records how much damage was taken from guilds hitting it and converts it into money. when the pole is broken the guild that has the most points on the pole will take over the gates and pole making it so u can heal the pole and open/close the gates. but when the gates break only the GL of the guild that holds the pole can close the gates.

*tip* when the pole is take by an allie then u can do what is called safetying the pole. which is hitting the pole until it has about 1-3 red bars left. this helps because if enemies get into the castle then if they take the pole down the allies will get it next giving them a chance to kill the enemies before they let they allies in. but if it is in the last 5 min of guild war then there is no need to saftey it.

What is the point of winning guild war: when guild war is over the winning team controls the guild conducters and can move them to different areas.

IE: guild conductress 1 can be moved to take u to AC or BI instead of where it takes u now.

also the winner of guild war can have their GL go to the guild beast controller and have him/her call out the guild beast** and whoever kills the beast gets a free db. but beware people know when the beast comes out and they can steal it if they kill it before a guildmate. but if the GL is there at the time of guild beast they can shut the gates and heal them so the enemies cant get in.

** the guild beast cannot be kill by trojans or warriors. even DenuM only hits the beast for about 17 damage so dont even try. now if u have a guard u can use that to hit it but if a guard kills it then the db is up for grabs to anyone. archers and taos do normal damage to it so it would be better to have one of them there to help kill it if your a trojan or warrior.

What happens if i die in guild war: if u die in guild war u can wait to be reved by a water char or if u choose to not wait then u can rev yourself but u will end up in guild war jail in which u cannot leave until the warden lets u out. there r pardons durring guild war in which people can leave guild war jail and come back to guild war.

How long is pardon: pardon is about 6-10 min at a time. in between its about 30 min before then next pardon.
IE: if pardon is at 00:00 and u rev to guild war between 00:00-00:10 u should be able to leave jail. but if u enter the jail at 00:11 u will have to wait till 00:40 till the next pardon.

What else is guild war for: u can make alot of money for your guild if they win guild war. when the pole is broken the guild that had it before it was broken loses 10% of their guild fund. the 10% is split between the top 5 guilds on the pole. whoever has the highest points gets the most money. And btw dont fucking go to guild war by yourself to hit the pole -.- u will lose and die and if u hit the pole enough to be #1 on the pole with no chance of losing #1 spot then u r just losing money for the guild.

IE:say u went to guild war late at night when noone else is online and u hit the pole alot and u get it down to 1-3 red bars and an enemy comes up and kills u and they break the pole. u will revive to jail and our guild will get the pole after the enemy breaks the pole and then they will take 10% of our guild fund and we lose a ton of money that way.

Any other ways into the castle: the only ways in r if your guild or an allie have the pole and a DL or GL can open the gates and let u in. or if an enemy has the pole u need to hit the gates and break them to get inside.
OR if u have 4 guild war bombs u can blow up the gates BUT the bombs hurt your gear alot so take all gear off if your going to bomb the gates so u dont break it.
READ BEFORE U DO ANYTHING WITH THE BOMBS!!!! : there is a glitch in the game to where when u use the bomb on the gates and after u die u cannot revive or be revive until someone kills your ghost. they have to kill the ghost otherwise u cant revive at all.

What kind of damage can be done on the pole: all chars hit the pole with their normal styles of attacking
IE: magic , melee or arrows.
Archers r best to hit pole because of the Fly skill. archers need to watch out for other archers and fire taos becuase they r the only ones who can stop them from hitting the pole in fly mode. Guards can also hit the poles for little damage but it still helps out.

What r the roles or the chars in guild war:
Trojan: trojans job in guild war is to hit the pole and fight other chars that r enemies.
Warrior: warriors job is the same as trojans except when the XP skill sheild comes up they should either stack on trojans hitting the pole or gates so they cant be harmed or hit the gate or pole themselves because she help alot in guild war.
Archer: archers job is to fly and hit pole or gates and chase down weaker chars and make them run from the pole or gates.
Water: waters job is to stig trojans and rev dead chars. nothing else.
Fire:fire taos job is to fight archers and other chars hitting the pole. if the fire tao is pure fire rb then they should also Dodge allie archers and guildmates to protect them from melee attacks and arrows.

If guild war is dead (slow) can i take a break and just sit and talk to people: NO keep moving because at any time an enemy can ambush u and even 1 ambush can change everything in guild war. trust me ive done that before.
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How Guild War Works
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