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 Quests for Noobs (lvl 40 or below)

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PostSubject: Quests for Noobs (lvl 40 or below)   Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:57 am

Alchemist, Phoenix Castle (179,225)

1. A refined Ambergris Bag for Taoist.
2. A normal Kylin Gem.
3. 3000 silvers.

1. No pain, no gain. First of all, you should go to the mine cave and work hard, and remember the following Costs and Rewards in mind.
Costs Rewards
Give Alchemist three Gold Ores of rate 3-10 A Refined Ambergris Bag
Give Alchemist 3 Rate10 Gold Ores A Normal Kylin Gem
Give Alchemist 5 Euxenite Ores 3000 Silvers

2. If you have the specific ores, take them to Alchemist to get the prizes.
You can mine the Euxenite Ores from the Plain Cave, and the gold ores from any mine cave.Click here for more about Mining.

~2~ Here is one that gains a uni sword for lvl 40 and below:

Level requirements:
Under level 40

1. General Chen, Twin City (480,351)
2. Soldier, Ape City (545,509)
3. General Wu, Maple Forest (800,471), (728,490), (685,425), (720,375)

An unique Broadsword (level 30)

1. Find General Chen (480,351) in Twin City, and agree to deliver an official letter to General Wu.
2. General Wu goes to hunting. So find Soldier (545,509) outside the Ape City, and he will give you a letter of recommendation.
3. Head for southeastern Maple Forest to find General Wu, and give him the recommendation and official letter. He answers the letter and wants you to take it to General Chen.
4. Give General Chen the letter, and he will reward you a Unique Broad Sword.

Tips: As General Wu is hunting, he always moves around the village in southeastern forest.
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Quests for Noobs (lvl 40 or below)
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